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26-05-2015, 15:35

The Virtues of War

The Virtues of War
Author: Pressfield Steven
The Virtues of War
Format: PDF
Size: 2.3Mb
Language: English

I have always been a soldier. I have known no other life. So begins Alexanders extraordinary confession on the eve of his greatest crisis of leadership. By turns heroic and calculating, compassionate and utterly merciless, Alexander recounts with a warriors unflinching eye for detail the blood, the terror, and the tactics of his greatest battlefield victories. Whether surviving his fathers brutal assassination, presiding over a massacre, or weeping at the death of a beloved comrade-in-arms, Alexander never denies the hard realities of the code by which he lives: the virtues of war. But as much as he was feared by his enemies, he was loved and revered by his friends, his generals, and the men who followed him into battle. Often outnumbered, never outfought, Alexander conquered every enemy the world stood against himbut the one he never saw coming. . . .

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