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4-06-2015, 23:51

Ancient Egypt in Africa

Ancient Egypt in Africa
Author: David O'Connor, Andrew Reid
Ancient Egypt in Africa
Left Coast Press
ISBN: 1844720004
Format: PDF
Size: 11,8 МБ
Language: English
Pages: 233
The discipline of Egyptology has been criticised for being too insular,with little awareness of the development of archaeologies elsewhere. It has remained theoretically underdeveloped. For example the role of Ancient Egypt within Africa has rarely been considered jointly by Egyptologists and Africanists. Egypt's own view of itself has been neglected; views of it in the ancient past, in more recent times and today have remained underexposed.
Encounters with Ancient Egypt is a series of eight books which addresses these issues. The books interrelate, inform and illuminate one another and will appeal to a wide market including academics, students and the general public interested in Archaeology, Egyptology, Anthropology, Architecture, Design and History.

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