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4-06-2015, 21:46

The Seafarers - The Luxury Yachts

The Seafarers - The Luxury Yachts
Author: John Rousmaniere
The Seafarers - The Luxury Yachts
Time-Life Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 182
Language: English
Size: 21.7 MB

Essay: Splendor at Sea
Chapter 1 A Royal Instrument of Statecraft
Chapter 2 Bastions of privilege ashore and afloat
Essay: Grand opening at Suez
Chapter 3 A Yankee flair for opulence
Essay "The finest pleasure craft"
Chapter 4 Idylls of millionaires and kings
Essay: A revolutionary vessel for the Czar
Chapter 5 A final burst of excess
Essay: "Sea Cloud" versus "Nabila"-a contrast in grandeur

The Seafarers - The Luxury Yachtsскачать dle 12.1