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31-05-2015, 20:27

Practical Military Ordnance Identification

Practical Military Ordnance Identification
Author: Tom Gersbeck
Practical Military Ordnance Identification
Kelsey Publishing Group
ISBN: 1439850585,978-1-4398-5059-6
Format: PDF
Pages: 358
Size: 83 MB
Language: English

The threat variables associated with military ordnance are enormous, requiring the application of a structured process to identify unknown munitions. The focus of Practical Military Ordnance Identification is the application of a practical deductive process to identify unknown ordnance items that are commonly recovered outside military control.
The author supplies a seven-step procedure to identify unknown munitions by their category, group, and type. Detailed logic trees help users narrow down the possibilities in order to accurately identify ordnance. The book covers the safety precautions associated with each category and group of ordnance. It describes many ordnance construction characteristics and explains the fundamentals of military ordnance fuzing. Appendices define terms and supply abbreviations and acronyms used to describe military ordnances.

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