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1-06-2015, 20:19

The Amateur Archaeologist

The Amateur Archaeologist
Author:Stephen Wass
The Amateur Archaeologist
Size:7,20 МБ
Language: English
This informed and practical guide shows how anyone with an interest can take part in archaeology at many different levels, whether through fieldwork undertaken individually or by joining an excavation. Stephen Wass, himself an enthusiast with long experience, provides all that a beginner needs to know: what is archaeology all about? the range of skills that can be learnt examples of ideas for projects advice on what to expect on a dig clear explanations of archaeological techniques. There are some 177 local archaeological societies in Britain with 40,000 members, as well as numerous school, extramural and university courses in archaeology. It is one professional area in which the amateur, however inexperienced, can still not only participate but also make a real contribution and this book positively encourages people to join in.

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