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24-05-2015, 14:23

Desperate Glory: The Story of WWI

Desperate Glory: The Story of WWI
Author: John Wilson
Desperate Glory: The Story of WWI
Napoleon and Co
ISBN: 1894917421
Format: EPUB
Size: 7,4 МБ
Language: English
Pages: 104
There have been many books written about World War One, for all ages. This conflagration shaped the world we live in today and caused horrible tragedy for untold numbers of families around the world. This book in our illustrated historical series for ages nine to twelve presents the story and issues of the war in a clear, concise and objective manner, accompanied on every page by photographs, original sketches or maps. Focussing on social as well as political issues, specifically including the North American perspective, author John Wilson is able to present the very complex issues of the war and its effect on the world with depth and compassion. This book will be a very useful tool for educators in explaining the how's and why's of this most important period in world history.

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