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26-05-2015, 13:45

The Underwater War: Submarines 1914-1918

The Underwater War: Submarines 1914-1918
Author: Edwyn Gray
The Underwater War: Submarines 1914-1918
Charles Scribner's Sons
Format: PDF
Pages: 276
Language: English
Size: 36.6 MB

When, in 1620, the Dutchman Cornelis Drebbel sailed up the Thames in the world's first submarine and 'calmly dived under the water while he kept the King and several thousand Londoners in the greatest suspense', no one in the watching crowd could have foreseen where his invention would lead. Today, the nuclear-powered missile-submarine stands supreme as the world's most powerful warship. Able to circumnavigate the globe without surfacing, it can sail beneath the polar ice-caps, and travel 120,000 miles without refueling. And, at the touch of a button, its megaton destructive power can obliterate half a continent.

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