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24-05-2015, 17:21

Tiger I: The Official Wartime Crew Manual (hitlers War Machine)

Tiger I: The Official Wartime Crew Manual (hitlers War Machine)
Author: Bob Carruthers
Tiger I The Official Wartime Crew Manual (hitlers War Machine)
Pen and Sword
ISBN: 178159225X
Format: EPUB + PDF (conv)
Size: 5,1 + 23,2
Language: English
Pages: 176
During the Second World War Tiger tank crews had to be trained as quickly and effectively as possible. To assist in this process General Heinz Guderian authorized the publication of the Tigerfibel, the illustrated manual that was issued to Tiger I crews from 1943 onwards. This highly unorthodox publication was full of risque' drawings and humorous illustrations and was designed to convey complex battlefield instructions in a simple and memorable manner.
Emmy Award winning historian Bob Carruthers has now translated this unique primary source into English. It makes for indispensable reading for anyone interested in tank warfare in World War II. The manual contains everything the reader could ever wish to know concerning how the crews were instructed to handle the Tiger I under combat conditions. The Tigerfibel contains the original German publication with a complete English translation and a new overview and introduction. The Tigerfibel contains detailed instructions on aiming, firing, ammunition and close combat. There are extensive sections on maintenance, driving, radio operation and the essentials of commanding a Tiger I in combat.
This priceless information is now being made available to a wider English speaking audience as an electronic publication for the first time. Interesting and highly accessible, the Tigerfibel is essential and rewarding reading for all readers interested in the history of this famous tank.

Tiger I: The Official Wartime Crew Manual (hitlers War Machine) dle 12.1