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7-10-2015, 09:49

The temple of SOLOMON

"Wasserman's lavishly illustrated narrative places the Temple of Solomon, with all its rich cultural and metaphorical meanings, in its proper literary context by returning to the original source of everything we know about it: The Bible. The Temple of Solomon is more than just the literary biography of a building, however; it is the anatomy of an icon that has shaped humanity's faith, history, art, literature, archaeology, fraternity, and so much more."

Richard Kaczynski, Ph. D., author of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley

"James Wasserman provides a great service by keeping the story of the Holy Temple firmly fixed in the narrative of the Scriptures. From the Books of Moses to the vision of the New Jerusalem in the Revelation of St. John the Divine, from the Crusades of the Knights Templar to the esoteric interpretations of Freemasonry, the evolution and meaning of the Temple is revealed in a rich matrix of history, hope, faith and personal spiritual experience. It is this latter component that gives this book such immediacy. With genuine passion, the author demonstrates that historicity—while vital to our knowledge of the subject—is far less important than coming to understand that the Holy of Holies lies within the human heart and that the Temple of God is the body of the flesh that beareth it."

J. Daniel Gunther, author of Initiation in the Aeon of the Child

"In The Temple of Solomon, James Wasserman has delivered an inspired work on one of the most important subjects in the history of the spiritual tradition. This book is unique and timely, serving to bring the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western civilization into focus. The Temple of Solomon explores the spiritual and cultural origin of the threats to life and liberty we face in our lives today. The author brings clarity, wisdom, and personal experience to this work, which sets it apart from all other books on the subject."

Daniel Pineda, author of The Book of Secrets

"James Wasserman has done it again! In The Temple of Solomon he brings dusty, biblical history to life in an exciting but scholarly way and then fully meets the challenge of making it relevant to the modern reader. He shows that when the law of God is written in our hearts and flowing in our blood, our physical body temple becomes our spiritual temple. Well done!"

Dr. Bob Hieronimus, author of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies

And host of 21st Century Radio

"While the Holy Ground of the Temple Mount has long been mentioned in esoteric literature, for far too long those who would claim to be its modern heirs have ignored and even been hostile to their Abrahamic origins. In the Holy of Holies it is said that God spoke to Israel; in these pages, it may be said that God is speaking to us, making it essential reading for students of the Western esoteric traditions."

Mark Stavish, author of Between the Gates and Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols & History of the Secret Society

The temple of SOLOMON