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8-10-2015, 06:11


But the new and radical thought departure, while enlightening and motivating the engineering and military mindset in every way, was not a complete liberation from the real crux of their problem. The radiowave systems which Marconi developed, and passed onto the world at large, produced a legacy of such disappointments and frustrations. Convinced that only higher frequency alternations could actually “radiate” into space, engineers were continually finding themselves unable to “decipher” the Tesla puzzle. But the potent and penetrating Radiant Energy beams of Tesla were derived from a natural force which could never be suspected; a fact which characterizes the very greatest and most fundamentally revolutionary discoveries. Inherently inferior in comparison to the Radiant Energy systems of Tesla, the science of Maxwell, Hertz, and Marconi influenced academic thought and engineering research along a constrained horizon. It was this binding influence, this constraint on the once free and imaginative process of Victorian scientific inquiry, which has been lost as a direct result. Incapable of recognizing or even postulating the existence of another energy continuum besides those enunciated by the Marconi-compromised convention, not one major finding managed to break away from the little, tightly fixated orbit of wave radio. The waves, however short, however potent, remained waves. Inferior technology.

It was said by those who witnessed his demonstrations that Tesla beamray systems were able to project their sometimes visible white streams directly through the ionosphere without resistance. How did he achieve this condition? RADAR wave energies were only superhigh frequency alternations. They succeed only in agitating the ionospheric plasma. But Tesla was operating in another realm altogether, one which plumbed the aether and not the upper ionized atmosphere. Ultimately, the requirements for achieving RADAR EMP required excessive power volumes, those which were well beyond the capabilities of even the most potent MulHGigawatt Magnetron RADAR wave systems available. The problem was one so fundamental that highly trained engineers, ever so schooled in the conventional paradigms of Maxwell, found themselves trapped in a maze of constraints.