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9-03-2015, 21:23

Conservative Party

Cabinet Ministers abuse, contradict, and disavow each other. Members of the Government and of the Conservative Party fight over the Prime Minister as dogs worry over a bone.

1903. (Broad, 49.)

We know perfectly well what to expect [from the Tories]—a party of great vested interests, banded together in a formidable confederation; corruption at home, aggression to cover it up abroad; the trickery of tariff juggles, the tyranny of a party machine; sentiment by the bucketful; patriotism and imperialism by the imperial pint; the open hand at the public exchequer; the open door at the public house; dear food for the millions, cheap labour for the millionaire.

1904, 13 May. Free Trade Hall, Manchester.

(FFT, 78.)

This oration was retreaded almost word for word in WSC’s final speech to the electors of Dundee on 8 May 1908, just before they elected him as Member of Parliament.

Deep down in the heart of the old-fashioned Tory, however unreflecting, there lurks a wholesome respect for the ancient forms and safeguards of the English Constitution, and a recognition of the fact that some day they may be found of great consequence and use.

1906. (LRC, 766.)

I will never stifle myself in such a moral and intellectual sepulchre.

1922, November, Dundee. (Broad, WC, 201.)

The "moral and intellectual sepulchre” was the "do-nothing” policy of the Bonar Law Conservatives, whom Churchill saw as "unprogressives”. In the event, WSC wa. s defeated in the. subsequent election, and out of Parliament for nearly two years.

We must not forget that afternoon in May 1940_when the enormous Tory majorities in both Houses of Parliament voted into the hands of the Government, for the sake of our country’s survival, practically all the rights of property and, more precious still, of liberty on which what we have called civilisation is built. That ought not to be forgotten when Hon. Members opposite mock at us as exploiters, rack renters and profiteers. It ought not to be forgotten_that Conservative majorities in both Houses of Parliament in one single afternoon, offered all they had and all that they were worth.

1947, 12 March.

We [the Conservative Party] are a party met together on a party occasion and we have to fight as a Party against those who oppose us and assail us. But faction is not our aim. Party triumphs are not our goal. We think it a high honour to serve the British people and the worldwide Commonwealth and Empire of which they are the centre.

1953, 10 October. Party conference, Margate.

(Alliance, 58.)