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10-03-2015, 19:02


Travel organization Simon Spies Holdings forms this airline in October 1964 to undertake its passenger charter and inclusive-tour flights to holiday destinations in southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa. It will be successor to the failed Enterprise, A. S. Revenue flight operations are started on April 1, 1965 with Bristol Britannia equipment.

During 1966-1968, the fleet is upgraded by the addition of 3 Douglas DC-7Cs. Orders are placed for 5 Boeing 720-025s in 1969. Bookings for the year total 127,112.

Enplanements climb to 138,768 in 1970. The 5 B-720-025s are placed into service beginning on June 9, 1971 as the company also occupies new administrative and hangar spaces at Copenhagen Airport South.

Services are maintained during the remainder of the 1970s with little change except in gradual traffic growth and equipment changes as the piston-engine aircraft are retired. By 1978, Chairman/President Simon Spies and his managing director, Verner Moller, employ 250 workers and fly 4 Boeing 720-025s. Enplanements for the year are 237,130.

In 1979 the workforce is reduced by 1.3% to 233 while passenger boardings dip 3.1% to 230,000. Operating income, however, jumps 21.2% to $35.2 million and a net profit of $959,657—up 47%—is posted. During the early 1980s the fleet is upgraded; gone are 3 of the 720-025s, replaced by 5 B-720Bs.

In 1985-1986, orders are placed for Airbus Industrie equipment as revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs) flown by the 310-employee company advance an average of 3%. The company continues to withhold its boarding figures in 1987, but does acknowledge 1.04 million RPKs.

In 1988-1989, the Boeings are replaced with 3 A300B4s and orders are placed for 6 A320-231s. Enplanements in the 1988 total 731,200, but during 1989 drop to 408,000.

Company employment is increased by 7.1% in 1990 to 375 and the fleet remains unchanged. Customer bookings double to 858,600.

With the first of the A320-231s available, four-times-per-week Airbus flights are inaugurated in spring 1991 from Stockholm to Ft. Lauderdale. Enplanements for the year, nevertheless, slip to 853,501.

Airline employment in 1992 stands at 560 and the fleet now includes 6 A320-231s and 3 A300B4s, which are all leased to ZAS Airline of Egypt, Ltd. Passenger boardings increase to 1,152,600.

Director Moller’s workforce in 1993 is 475. In September, the parent Simon Spies Holdings signs an agreement with SAS Leisure, a subsidiary of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), to merge the company with Scanair, A. S. to form the larger Premiair, A. S.