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4-06-2015, 21:04

The Literature of Ancient Sumer

The Literature of Ancient Sumer
Author:Edited by The late Jeremy Black, Graham Cunningham, Eleanor Robson, and Gábor Zólyomi
The Literature of Ancient Sumer
Oxford University Press
Format: pdf
Size: 3.51 MB
Language: English

This anthology of Sumerian literature constitutes the most comprehensive collection ever published, and includes examples of most of the different types of composition written in the language, from narrative myths and lyrical hymns to proverbs and love poetry. The translations have benefited both from the work of many scholars and from our ever-increasing understanding of Sumerian. In addition to reflecting the advances made by modern scholarship, the translations are written in clear, accessible English. An extensive introduction discusses the literary qualities of the works, the people who created and copied them in ancient Iraq, and how the study of Sumerian literature has evolved over the last 150 years.

The Literature of Ancient Sumer