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26-05-2015, 16:20

Destroyers: 60 Years

Destroyers: 60 Years
Author: William G. Schofield
Destroyers: 60 Years
Rand McNally & Company
Format: PDF
Pages: 188
Language: English
Size: 24.6 MB

In her sixty years of service, the destroyer has proved herself the most reliable, versatile and indispensable ship of the Navy Now for the first time, the complete story of destroyers and destroyermen in the United States Navy is recorded in dramatic detail. This book is a tribute to rugged men, gallant ships, and heroic deeds. Often outweighed, outgunned, and outpowered, destroyers have written sagas of glory against battleships and cruisers, kamikazes and beach artillery. This is a story of action with North Atlantic convoys and oil South Pacific beachheads; of Hunter-Killer groups and anti-submarine warfare; of shore bombardment and amphibious support Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Omaha Beach, Samar, Lingayen Gulf, Korea, Lebanon, and Formosa are all names solidly linked with the record of destroyer action.

Destroyers: 60 Years