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29-05-2015, 18:13

Jane's Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93

Jane's Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93
Author: Tony Cullen, C.F. Foss
Jane's Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93
Janes Information Group
Format: PDF
Pages: 348
Language: English
Size: 57.5 MB

This book lists essential information on all types of man portable, self-propelled, static and towed SAMs, and self-propelled and towed anti-aircraft guns and sights for installation on towed anti-aircraft guns. Each illustrated entry contains details of the development history, description, variants, specifications and manufacturer details. The book provides the necessary data to enable a rapid evaluation of all current in-service air defense weapons likely to be encountered on today's battlefield. All air-defense waepons are covered - static and mobile, in-service or under development. Key support systems such as radars and re-load vehicles are also detailed where applicable. An accurate overview of each country's air defense system is given showing details of quantities of systems in service and on order.

Jane's Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93