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31-05-2015, 18:51

Great British Flying-boats

Great British Flying-boats
Great British Flying-boats
Author: Martyn Chorlton
Kelsey Publishing
Aeroplane Collectors' Archive
ISBN: 978 1907426292
Language: English
Pages: 100
Format: PDF
Size: 21,8 MB

The Aeroplane Collectors’ Archive series is devoted to British monoplane fl ying-boats – we intend to cover biplane ‘boats in a future issue, while the Saro SR.A/1 will also feature in another of this series. One type included here is not a fl ying-boat – the seaplane upper component of the Short-Mayo Composite, but the unit had to be considered as a whole. As in previous Collectors’ Archives, only basic details for each type are given, and we concentrate on providing large and interesting illustrations and cutaway drawings from the Aeroplane and Flight archives, supplementing these where necessary by quality prints from our wider archive and from other sources. We are grateful to the Solent Sky Museum Southampton for their assistance with this volume.

Great British Flying-boats