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1-06-2015, 11:20

The Floating Drydock - USS Juneau CL

The Floating Drydock - USS Juneau CL
Author: Collective
The Floating Drydock - USS Juneau CL(AA) 52
The Floating Drydock
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The JUNEAU was the second, of what would eventually total eleven ships, of the ATLANTA class anti-aircraft light cruisers (CLAA). The ATLANTA class grew out of design proposals from the mid-1930's to provide a light cruiser that could perform fleet screening functions. The US Navy had not designed any small cruisers since the 1917 OMAHA class scout cruisers and had up to the mid-1930's concentrated on designing and building large cruisers. Consequently, the design and construction of the ATLANTA class
was driven by the advanced age and unsuitability of the OMAHA class cruisers to meet fleet screening functions.

The Floating Drydock - USS Juneau CL