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5-06-2015, 00:17

A History of China

A History of China
A History of China
Author: Morris Rossabi
Graduation Year: 2013
Language: English
Quality: excellent
Format: Pdf
Pages: 452
Size: 10,8 Mb

Capturing China’s past in all its complexity, this multi-faceted history portrays China in the context of a larger global world, while incorporating the narratives of Chinese as well as non-Chinese ethnic groups and discussing people traditionally left out of the story—peasants, women, merchants, and artisans.
Offers a complete political, economic, social, and cultural history of China, covering the major events and trends. Written in a clear and uncomplicated style by a distinguished historian with over four decades of experience teaching undergraduates. Examines Chinese history through the lens of global history to better understand how foreign influences affected domestic policies and practices. Depicts the role of non-Chinese ethnic groups in China, such as Tibetans and Uyghurs, and analyzes the Mongol and Manchu rulers and their impact on Chinese society
Incorporates the narratives of people traditionally left out of Chinese history, including women, peasants, merchants, and artisans.

A History of China