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7-06-2015, 20:00

Twentieth-Century World History

Twentieth-Century World History
Author: William J. Duiker
Twentieth-Century World History, 3rd Edition
Wadsorth Publishing
ISBN: 0534628117
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 16.5 MB; 368 pages

A comprehensive and balanced history of the world in the twentieth century, William Duiker's text not only chronicles the key events in this revolutionary century, but also examines the underlying issues that have shaped the times. TWENTIETH-CENTURY WORLD HISTORY takes a global approach to the subject while doing justice to the distinctive character of individual civilizations and regions. Duiker integrates political, economic, social, and cultural history, creating a chronologically ordered synthesis that gives students the true flavor of the most decisive moments in recent world history. In addition, Duiker's own photographs and selection of primary source documents, which illustrate much of the book, are especially effective in illustrating key points in the narrative.

Twentieth-Century World History