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24-05-2015, 16:42

Omdurman 1898 (Battle Story)

Author: William Wright
Omdurman 1898 (Battle Story)
Format: EPUB
Pages: 159
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Language: English

The battle took place at Kerreri, 11km north of Omdurman in the Sudan. Kitchener commanded a force of 8,000 British regulars and a mixed force of 17,000 Sudanese and Egyptian solders. He arrayed his force in an arc around the village of Egeiga close to the bank of the Nile, where a gunboat flotilla waited in support, facing a wide, flat plain with hills rising to the left and right. The British and Egyptian cavalry was placed on either flank. Al-Taashi's followers, known as Ansar and sometimes referred to as Dervishes, numbered around 50,000, including some 3,000 cavalry. In a few hours and at a loss of less than 400 officers and men killed and wounded, the Anglo-Egyptian army defeated the more than 50,000 brave tribesmen who charged their enemy, regardless of the hail of maxim bullets, many of them armed only with spears, swords and ancient chainmail armour.

Omdurman 1898 (Battle Story)