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26-05-2015, 19:47

The Civil War Almanac

The Civil War Almanac
Author: John S Bowman
The Civil War Almanac
Bison Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 408
Language: English
Size: 67 MB

This book is the most comprehensive single-volume reference work on the War Between the States ever published. Here you will find described—and, wherever possible, illustrated—all the key events, personalities and lethal weapons that, together, produced the most tragic of all American wars. There are three sections in the book. The main body of the text is the day-to-day chronology of political and diplomatic events and all the major land and sea campaigns, which traces events from the early rumblings of the abolitionists through the whole period of the war and the immediate postwar period, culminating with the end of the era of the carpetbaggers.

The Civil War Almanac