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31-05-2015, 21:22

Hudson's National Guard Militia

Hudson's National Guard Militia
Author: William L Verdone; Lewis Halprin
Hudson's National Guard Militia
Arcadia Publishing
Images of America
ISBN: 0738544566
Format: PDF
Pages: 128
Size: 78 Mb
Language: English

The Images of America series present collections of historic photographs from various towns, cities, and institutions. This volume is on the militia, volunteers, and National Guard units of the town of Hudson, Massachusetts, from 1862 to the present day. The units began as infantry and eventually became part of the 181st Infantry Regiment, 26th Yankee Infantry Division. Post-World War II saw conversion to tanks and then the 110th Cavalry. Lastly, the photos in this book show the Bay State National Guardsmen as gunners in the 102 Field Artillery.

Hudson's National Guard Militia