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4-06-2015, 17:52

Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648

Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648
Author: Mark Greengrass
Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648 (Penguin History of Europe)
Viking Adult
Format: epub
Size: 21.8 Mb
Language: English

A remarkable new volume in the critically acclaimed Penguin History of Europe series
From peasants to princes, no one was untouched by the spiritual and intellectual upheaval of the sixteenth century. Martin Luther’s challenge to church authority forced Christians to examine their beliefs in ways that shook the foundations of their religion. The subsequent divisions, fed by dynastic rivalries and military changes, fundamentally altered the relations between ruler and ruled. Geographical and scientific discoveries challenged the unity of Christendom as a belief community. Europe, with all its divisions, emerged instead as a geographical projection. Chronicling these dramatic changes, Thomas More, Shakespeare, Montaigne, and Cervantes created works that continue to resonate with us.
Spanning the years 1517 to 1648, Christendom Destroyed is Mark Greengrass’s magnum opus: a rich tapestry that fosters a deeper understanding of Europe’s identity today.

Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648