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4-06-2015, 18:21

The Indians of California

The Indians of California
The Indians of California (The American Indians)
Time-Life Books
Author:Time-Life Books
Pages: 192
Size:33,5 Mb

Gr 9 Up--In three chapters, stories of the vastly diverse peoples of the area now known as California and their interactions with Europeans and gold-diggers are told in admirable detail, often through first-person accounts. Rarely seen, superb archival photographs are abundant throughout, and there are full-color photo essays on the land, types of houses, the White Deerskin Dance of the Hupa people, basketry, mission artwork, the blending of Christian and native religions, the Cupeno struggle for their homeland, and the tragic story of Ishi. An outstanding overview of a complex region, supported by an up-to-date bibliography and thorough index.

The Indians of California