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5-06-2015, 21:34

The Aristocracy in Europe 1815-1914

The Aristocracy in Europe 1815-1914
Author: Dominic C.B. Lieven
The Aristocracy in Europe 1815-1914
Columbia University Press
Format: PDF
Pages: 308
Size: 221 Mb
Language: English

The book surveys the wealth, economic activities, manners and morals, everyday life, culture, values, occupations and political roles of aristocracy in Europe's three most powerful monarchies. The enobled upper class in the 19th century viewed the Industrial Revolution and (in Britain) the expansion of the franchise in quite a different light from the middle classes. To them, increased educational and occupational opportunities were an economic and social threat to their power and right to rule. This book investigates their "strategies" and the ways they responded to the danger. What Lieven finds, not surprisingly, is that each national group responded in its own way to the challenge from the lower classes in its own country.

The Aristocracy in Europe 1815-1914