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5-06-2015, 22:10

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley
Author: Rachel A. Koestler-Grack
Chelsea House Publications
Legends of the Wild West
ISBN: 1604135948
Pages: 101
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 3,4 MB

Born Phoebe Ann Mosey on August 13, 1860, on the rural western border of Ohio, Annie Oakley began hunting at age 9 to support her siblings and widowed mother. She became so skilled at selling the hunted game that she was able to pay off the mortgage to her mother's farm when she was 15. In 1885, she joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show where she became one of the top acts, along with Sitting Bull. In fact, she even traveled to Europe and performed for Queen Victoria and other crowned heads of state. At the request of the Prince of Prussia, she shot the ashes off a cigarette.

Annie Oakley