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31-05-2015, 22:20

Encyclopaedia of Military Models

Encyclopaedia of Military Models
Author: Thomas A. Young, Huyuh-Dinh Khuong, Claude Boileau
Encyclopaedia of Military Models 1/72
Tab Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 201
Language: English
Size: 87.3 MB

This book, which make s use of computerized data, is the most thorough study of 1/72 models in the world presently available. It lists all the models that have been produced in all the countries of the world since the inception of kits. It constitutes a truly encyclopaedic guide encompassing nearly 5,900 different mouldings and should prove useful to several categories of readers . Modellers will be able to use it as a reliable reference to obtain the kits they are interested in. They will also find over 60 colour photos of models assembled by experts - food for thought and maybe self-criticism to assess their own modelling skills or set exacting standards before tackling a new model.
Collectors are sure to find at least a few specimens hitherto unknown to them among the 500 colour photos of boxtops spanning the period from 1935 to the present. The addresses provided in the book should also help them find the models they are looking for. The scale model is the ideal medium to portray the amazing variety of aircraft produced from the early days to the present times. But Encyclopaedia of Military Models deals not only with 1/72 scale aircraft but also with missiles, science-fiction, vehicles, artillery, dioramas and various accessories including figures and even ships.

Encyclopaedia of Military Models