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5-06-2015, 18:12

English Country House Explained

English Country House Explained
English Country House Explained
Author: Trevor Yorke
Countryside Books
Britain's Living History
ISBN: 184674301X
Pages: 129
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 9 MB

England's country houses have never been more popular with visitors. Most are packed with masterpieces of art and antiques, and they have vast landscaped gardens, often with lakes and fountains. They reflect all the splendour of England's glory years. Trevor Yorke, using original drawings, diagrams and photographs, takes the reader on a careful tour of the country house and describes its features, exterior and interior, upstairs and downstairs. He looks at the different periods of large country houses from the mid 1500s up to 1914, explaining the changing architectural styles. He describes the different rooms within the main house and their changing roles over the centuries. There is a glossary of architectural terms, and a quick reference time chart listing country house architects and the notable buildings they designed, with drawings of the period details that help to date them.

English Country House Explained