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5-06-2015, 19:13

The Gentlemen's Clubs of London

The Gentlemen's Clubs of London
Author: Anthony LeJeune & Malcolm Lewis
The Gentlemen's Clubs of London
Bracken Book
Format: PDF
Size: 85.2 Mb
Language: English

Anthony Lejeune's "Gentlemen's Clubs of London" is simply the definitive guide to the subject matter. Lejeune provides wonderful capsule histories of each of the clubs, including notable members and personages associated with each club.
His well-written text, photo-captions, and "informational text boxes" (which inject just the right amount of wit and humor) are impeccably factually correct (or at least were at publication time) and never dull.
The photographs succeed in capturing many of the important architectural and interior features of each club. The detailed photos of wax seals and one-of-a-kind club treasures and mementos are particularly enjoyable.
London's gentlemen's clubs, like most social organizations and institutions, have an ebb and flow of popularity and character, but fortunately not too much so. Lejeune has a wonderful ability to successfully convey the general character of each club. A separate chapter is devoted to each club, making this a wonderful coffee-table-sized book that one can dip into at random.

The Gentlemen's Clubs of London