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6-06-2015, 22:29

History of Britain and Ireland

History of Britain and Ireland
History of Britain and Ireland
Author: R.G. Grant, Ann Kay, Michael Kerrigan, Philip Parker
DK Publishing
Pages: 402
Format: PDF
Size: 58 Mb
Language: English

This is the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of British history. "The History of Britain & Ireland" traces the key events that have shaped the British Isles. From the Elizabethan age of Shakespeare to the Iraq and Afghan wars of the 21st century, this beautifully illustrated book offers a definitive visual chronicle of the most colourful and defining episodes in British history. Packed with visually arresting illustrations and clear, concise text, you can now explore the long and fascinating story of the British Isles. It includes profiles of key people in history such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Alfred the Great, Charles Dickens, Queen Elizabeth I and Winston Churchill. "The History of Britain & Ireland" is ideal as a family reference for the home as well as a key history companion for schools.

History of Britain and Ireland