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31-05-2015, 20:38

Posters of the First World War

Posters of the First World War
Posters of the First World War
Author:Robert Fleming
Osprey Publishing
Size:82 mb
The First World War coincided with a golden age of advertising, and throughout the conflict striking and colorful poster art was used to recruit soldiers, promote investment in the war, keep up morale - and, of course, to vilify the enemy.

Prominent artists including Norman Wilkinson paired bold images to punchy text to maximize the pieces' impact, and the selection in this book offers an informative guide to the range of posters used and how government appeals and messages were displayed to the general public.

From the iconic image of "Your Country Needs You!" to others that take less a less direct approach such as "Daddy, What Did You Do in the War?" and "Buy War Bonds Now!", this book puts the reader in the shoes of the First World War "man in the street"

Posters of the First World War