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25-05-2015, 17:38

Secret Weapons of World War II

Secret Weapons of World War II
Author: Gerald Pawle
Secret Weapons of World War II
Ballantine Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 380
Language: English
Size: 67.5 MB

This is a well-written compendium of the scientists and the many weapons and other items developed by Britain's 'Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapon Development' during World War Two. The group, sometimes called the 'Wheezers and Dodgers,' were key players in inventing weapons such as the Hedgehog mortar for use against German submarines, the Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun, the bizarre Panjandrum intended to destroy beach defenses, various types of rockets, and the Holman Projector, a compressed-air grenade launcher. Other important work included components of the Mulberry Harbors used to support the D-Day landings, rocket grapnels for cliff assaults, barrage balloons, improved flares, and optimal camouflage schemes for ships, lakes and rivers. All-in-all, a fascinating account of a little known, yet vitally important aspect of the Allies victory in the Second World War. Includes 10 pages of illustrations.

Secret Weapons of World War II