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26-05-2015, 13:12

U-boats Offshore

U-boats Offshore
Author: Edwin P. Hoyt
U-boats Offshore
Jove Publications
Format: PDF
Pages: 308
Language: English
Size: 30 MB

In the early months of 1942 two German U-boats arrived secretly off our East Coast. They sank so much shipping vital to the American and British war effort that our naval authorities feared an armada of U-boats had come. And come they did — while American cities on the shore were still leaving their lights on, silhouetting freighters for Nazi torpedoes. The U.S., caught unprepared, was in shock. Churchill sent fishing trawlers to fill our defenses, and they were welcome. The U.S. Navy even appropriated the yachts of the wealthy. This is the riveting account of how a U.S. defense was heroically mobilized—and how it finally drove the enemy from our shores by the fall of 1943, never to return again...

U-boats Offshore