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29-05-2015, 20:11

British Airborne Troops 1940-45

British Airborne Troops 1940-45
Author: Barry Gregory
British Airborne Troops 1940-45
Doubleday & Company Inc.
Format: PDF
Pages: 168
Language: English
Size: 37.2 MB

This is one of the few books that gives you some sort of detailed information about the British paratroopers in WWII. Like some other books the book explains how the units were raised and which operations they were involved in. But this book goes a little bit further. It explains in detail also the weapons they are using, the uniforms and badges worn and the order of battle during the several operations. Each subject is supported by numerous photographs maps and drawings. In the range of small compact books on the subject of the British Airborne Troops during WWII, this book is the absolute best.

British Airborne Troops 1940-45