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8-08-2015, 16:13


The castle of Gutenfels is a typical German thirteenth to fourteenthcentury mountain castle with a tall tower, a fortified and crenellated dwelling, and a walled courtyard. According to legend it was named for the Lady Guta, the sister of the Count of Kaub who married Richard of Cornwall after he won her by fighting in a tournament in Cologne. After surviving centuries of sieges and rebuilding, the castle was nearly lost in 1805–7 when Napoleon ordered its destruction. The castle was dismantled and everything of value was taken and sold. The castle became one of the many romantic ruins on the Rhine. Then, Gutenfels came into the possession of the Cologne architect Gustav Walter, who rebuilt it as his own home in 1889–92. He created his own romantic vision of a medieval castle complete with knights’ hall and fighting galleries, but he also added bathrooms with hot and cold running water. Today, the castle is a restaurant and hotel.