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8-08-2015, 16:49

Castles Under Siege

“Castles were the unambiguous statements of powerful i gures that they were prepared to invest heavily in fortii cations to defend their own interests.” h is is how British historian R.L.C. Jones describes the most important of the many structures erected in medieval Europe. Castles, he continues, complicated the way war was waged. With more fortii cations in the landscape, the siege began to predominate as the most ef ective style of warfare. Few campaigns were waged during the period 800–1450 without a siege being laid to at least one, and sometimes several, key strongholds. Only where societies relied less on castles [did] siege warfare remain of secondary importance. Sieges far outnumber pitched battles, naval skirmishes, mounted raids, and all other forms of warfare during the period.22