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7-10-2015, 11:21


Very soon after the Bolotnikov rebellion was defeated, a new rebel force formed in the south, led by yet another man pretending to be Dmitrii. The "Second False Dmitrii," as he is, of course, known, claimed to be both the original Dmitrii and the First False Dmitrii. He and his forces made it all the way to the gates of Moscow by 1608 but could not take the city and so withdrew to Tushino, a few miles away, to set up a rival court. Dmitrii's mother was once again produced to recognize her son, and the First False Dmitrii's wife also recognized her husband. The Second False Dmitrii was clearly neither of these people—he looked nothing like the First False Dmi-trii and was obviously from the lower classes. Still, being the wife or mother of a potential tsar was infinitely preferable to exile in a convent, so they both accepted him, and his "wife" quickly became pregnant. Shuiskii had to take desperate measures to combat this new threat and even turned to Poland and Sweden, concluding treaties with both so that they had to withdraw their support from the Tushino government; Sweden even sent troops to help the Moscow court. In addition to the foreign troops on Russian soil, there were several elite families who now had nothing to lose by joining with the foreigners—the Romanov family had supported the Second False Dmitrii and understood that Shuiskii could not safely allow them back into his good graces. Filaret Romanov, an ambitious man who had been forced to go into a monastery for his attempts to take the throne, threw his lot in with the Poles. In 1610 False Dmitrii made another bid for power supported by Poland. Shuiskii was defeated and forced to enter a monastery. No tsar sat on the throne, and no clear candidate existed. The elite families could not agree on a new tsar.