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11-08-2015, 19:35

Soviet Russia

Two super-powers, Soviet Russia and America, emerged from the havoc. They were not evenly matched. Soviet Russia had dispelled doubts about the survival of her army, her industry, her population, and above all her political and social system. For a long time during the course of the war she had borne the full weight of the enemy on her own. She was compensated by two kinds of expansion. She was the only one of the Great Allies to gain in this way from the war. On the one hand she annexed the Karelian Isthmus from Finland, the Baltic states, Lithuania, the formerly Polish sections of Bielorussia and the Ukraine, Ruthenia from Czechoslovakia, Bessarabia and North Bukovina from Rumania, Koenigsberg and East Prussia, the Kurile Islands, the southern part of Sakhalin, the port of Dairen and Port Arthur. On the other hand, she had acquired new allies with the help of her army and of local communist parties. In Europe her influence extended up to the Elbe and Vienna, in Asia to Manchuria and North Korea and Northern Iran. She would have