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25-05-2015, 17:59

Keepers of the Sea

Keepers of the Sea
Author: Fred J. Maroon, Edward Latimer Beach
Keepers of the Sea
Naval Institute Press
Format: PDF
Pages: 264
Language: English
Size: 37 MB

Through powerful pictures and an engaging text, Keepers of the Sea draws the reader into a fascinating world unknown to most people. Few of us have ever had the opportunity to cross the ocean in a fast frigate, plumb its depths in a nuclear submarine, catapult off the deck of a carrier at night or participate in the myriad of activities necessary for the smooth functioning of a modern seagoing fleet. Now, thanks to the combination of an award-winning photographer, a best-selling author and a publisher steeped in naval traditions, these experiences can be shared by all in this magnificent book, the first photographic portrait of America's Navy to be published in forty years.

Keepers of the Sea