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31-05-2015, 15:55

The Conquest of Saxony AD 782–785

The Conquest of Saxony AD 782–785
Author: David Nicolle
The Conquest of Saxony AD 782–785: Charlemagne's Defeat of Widukind of Westphalia
Osprey Publishing
Osprey Campaign 271
ISBN: 178200825X
Format: PDF (e-book)
Pages: 98
Size: 9 Mb
Language: English

Charlemagne's conquest of the Saxons was the hardest fought and most protracted of his wars; it involved 18 campaigns spread across 33 years, a great deal of lower-level fighting and the harshest final peace settlement that Charlemagne ever imposed upon a defeated foe. Rapidly taking on the character of a religious conquest from its outset, it also became the most important of all Charlemagne's wars for the future direction and character of European history and began the long process of uniting the German-speaking peoples.

The Conquest of Saxony AD 782–785