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5-08-2015, 22:43


10,000 BCE

Humans first settle in the region that is now China.

2100 BCE-1600 BCE

Historical but inconclusive documents suggest the Xia dynasty ruled ancient China.

C. 1600 BCE

The Shang dynasty comes into power and rules ancient China until 1046 BCE.

1046 BCE

The Zhou dynasty overthrows the Shang dynasty, ruling until 256 BCE.

770 BCE-476 BCE

Many small states struggle for power in ancient China during an era known as the Spring and Autumn period.

551 BCE

Confucius is born; his way of thinking will spur the popular way of life known as Confucianism.

475 BCE-221 BCE

China’s various states battle one another in what becomes known as the Warring States period.

C. 300s BCE

The compass is invented.

221 BCE

Qin Shihuangdi unites ancient China under the Qin dynasty.

206 BCE

The Han dynasty comes into power.

C. 100 CE

Zhang Heng invents the seismograph.


Art and literature flourish under the Tang dynasty.


Empress Wu Zhao becomes China’s only female emperor.


The ancient Chinese invent gunpowder.


The Song dynasty begins ruling China.


Farmers digging a well discover Qin Shihuangdi’s tomb full of thousands of terra-cotta warriors.