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1-06-2015, 11:26

The Submarine Pioneers

The Submarine Pioneers
Author: Compton-Hall R.
The Submarine Pioneers
Sutton Publishing
Format: pdf
Size: 63 mb
Language: English

Richard Compton-Hall has combined meticulous research with his own experience as a submariner to provide an illuminating insight into the inventions and motivations of the early submarine pioneers.

Wing Collars and Sea Boots
Good Thinking and a Quintessential Chymist
Inspiration from Above
Not Going Like Clockwork
Unhappy Day
An Effort of Genius?
Monsieur Fulton and Mr Francis
On His Majesty's Secret Service
Reaching for Reality
Peripatetic Coffins
The Curate's Eggs
An Irish Invention
The Salt Water Enterprise
The Reason Why Not
Jamais . . . trop de sous-marins
Success in the States
Britannia Takes the Plunge
Setting up Shop
Back to the Future

The Submarine Pioneers