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6-06-2015, 21:04

A Social History of England, 1200-1500

A Social History of England, 1200-1500
Author : Rosemary Horrox
: A Social History of England, 1200-1500
: 2006
ISBN: 0521783453
Pages: 528
Format : PDF
Size : 3 MB
Language : English

What was life really like in England in the later Middle Ages? This comprehensive introduction explores the full breadth of English life and society in the period 1200-1500. Opening with a survey of historiographical and demographic debates, the book then explores the central themes of later medieval society, including the social hierarchy, life in towns and the countryside, religious belief, and forms of individual and collective identity.
Clustered around these themes a series of authoritative essays develop our understanding of other important social and cultural features of the period, including the experience of war, work, law and order, youth and old age, ritual, travel and transport, and the development of writing and reading. Written in an accessible and engaging manner by an international team of leading scholars, this book is indispensable both as an introduction for students and as a resource for specialists.

A Social History of England, 1200-1500