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25-05-2015, 20:02

Battleground - Aubers Ridge

Battleground - Aubers Ridge
Author: Edward Hancock
Battleground - Aubers Ridge
Pen & Sword
Format: ePub (e-book)
Pages: 151
Language: English
Size: 8 MB

This book describes the action of 9 May 1915 when the battalions of the 1st Division, 7th Division and the Indian Army attacked Aubers Ridge. Their objective was to break the German line and cut the supply route to the enemy troops fighting to the south against a French Offensive at Vimy Ridge. In true Battleground style, the dramatic story is told through the actions of those involved in the fighting. Places and points of interest are highlighted and for those fortunate enough to visit the area there are excellent directions and hints on how to best capture the atmosphere.

Battleground - Aubers Ridge