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26-05-2015, 13:38

Roman Conquests: Gaul

Roman Conquests: Gaul
Author: Michael Sage
Roman Conquests: Gaul
Pen and Sword Military
Format: EPUB
Pages: 190
Size: 3 Mb
Language: English

This latest volume in the Roman Conquests series deals with some of the best known Roman campaigns of all. Indeed, due to the involvement of Julius Caesar and the commentaries he wrote upon them, these are some of the most studied of any ancient campaigns. Before Caesar, however, Rome had already established a foothold across the Alps in Gaul (the Province, modern Provence) and Michael M Sage starts with these early acquisitions which were largely reactive and defensive. The Gauls were one of the great warrior societies of ancient Europe and some of Rome's heaviest defeats were suffered here at the end of the second century BC.

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