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A joint venture airline, Tur Avropa (Tur European Airlines, A. O.)

Is established with the Turkish trading group Kavala in April 1988. In May, the subsidiary TEA Basel, A. G. is organized to fly charters to Africa, Europe, and the Far East.

In January 1989, the former British charter operator Mediterranean Express, Ltd. is acquired and is reestablished at Birmingham as TEA U. K., Ltd. Later in the year, two more associates, TEA France, S. A. and TEA Italy, S. p.A. , are organized. Orders are placed for nine Airbus A310-304s.

The fleet in 1990 comprises 1 B-737-2M8 (leased to TEA U. K., Ltd.), 2 B-737-229s and 3 B-737-3M8s (1 of which is chartered to Air Aruba, B. V.). Orders are outstanding for 8 B-737-3M8s and 12 B-737-4M8s.

Airline employment stands at 200 and enplanements total 400,000.

Operations continue apace in 1991 until September when the parent organization collapses from recessionary pressures. This fiscal disaster requires TEA to stop flying and seek protection of a Belgian court from its creditors. Prior to September, passenger boardings are 390,000. The airline is liquidated in November and its failure will adversely affect all of the European partners.

TRANS EUROPEAN AIRWAYS (TEA), LTD.: United Kingdom (1959-1962). A. M. Ross, E. D. Kayton, A. C. Stauber, and L. Perez form Trans European Aviation (TEA) at Fairwood Common, Swansea, in early spring 1959. A privately owned de Havilland DH 89A belonging to one of the members is employed to start company charter work in early May. A second Dragon Rapide is purchased at the end of the month. These are now employed to offer ad hoc and pleasure flights.

Similar work continues in 1960 and at the end of April, the company base is switched to Coventry Airport. A change in direction is undertaken in October when the former Air Condor Bristol 170 Mk. II Wayfarer is acquired. Refurbished, the large aircraft enters service in late November, flying nonscheduled charters between Birmingham and Dublin.

Having decided to enter the long-haul charter market, TEA purchases a Lockheed L-049 from Cubana (Empresa Consolidada Cubana de Aviacion, S. A.) in early January 1961. However, as it is passing through the U. S. on its delivery flight, it is impounded at Charlotte, North Carolina, to satisfy a claim of Jacob Shapiro, who claims that the Castro government has nationalized his hosiery mill, valued at $750,000. The aircraft will never reach England.

On March 11, the Wayfarer begins a series of long-range charters from Birmingham. In July, two L-049Es, once flown by Capital Airlines, are purchased from Falcon Airways, Ltd.; refurbished, the first enters service on July 17, flying a charter from London (LGW) to West Berlin.

The marketing name Trans European Airways, Ltd. is now adopted. Inclusive-tour and charter destinations during the year include Dussel-dorf, Malaga, Munich, Nice, Palma, Perpignan, Treviso, Hanover, Dublin, the Channel Islands, Le Touquet, Naples, Nicosia, and Amsterdam. A Dragon Rapide is sold in September and the second Falcon Constellation is delivered in December.

A London group purchases an interest in early 1962 and capitalization is increased to ?75,000. The last DH 89A is sold in February. Charter flights to West Berlin on behalf of German tour agencies are now undertaken. Although inclusive tours are flown, financial losses become heavy and a receiver is appointed in July to handle the situation.

In August, a Constellation is impounded in Israel while the other L-049E and the Wayfarer are impounded at London (LGW), all for unpaid debts, including landing fees. With bills amounting to ?125,000, the company collapses and is liquidated.

TRANS EUROPEAN AIRWAYS-BASEL, A. G.: Switzerland (1988-1992). This subsidiary of the Belgian charter carrier Trans European Airways, S. A. (TEA) is established at Basel in May 1988 to operate passenger and cargo charters and inclusive-tour flights to destinations in southern Europe, North Africa, and the Far East.

Markus Seiler is named managing director and his carrier is provided with a pair of Boeing 737-3M8s with which to inaugurate services in 1989. The first flight is undertaken between Zurich and Lisbon on March 23. The second B-737-3MB is leased in Australia and covers operational expenses.

Enplanements for the year total 200,000.

The fleet is increased to 5 B-737-3MBs during the next 5 years as the carrier outlives the failure of its Belgian parent. In 1992, the company is renamed TEA Basel, A. G.

TRANS EUROPEAN AIRWAYS-FRANCE, S. A.: France (19891991). Another member of the TEA Group, this French charter operator is organized at Lille early in 1989. A license is obtained from the government for the operation of inclusive-tour flights from the carrier’s base and Lourdes to Mediterranean holiday destinations.

The company begins operations in October with a pair of Boeing 737-3M8s. An Airbus Industrie A310-304 is acquired during the winter, but is leased out to Cubana (Empresa Consolidada Cubana de Aviacion, S. A.) in 1990. Following the demise of the Belgian parent in September 1991, the airline is renamed TEA France, S. A.