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29-05-2015, 15:27

Battle-Cruiser HMS Renown 1916-1948

Battle-Cruiser HMS Renown 1916-1948
Author: Peter Smith
Battle-Cruiser HMS Renown 1916-1948
Pen and Sword Maritime
ISBN: 1844157458
Format: EPUB
Pages: 368
Size: 2 Mb
Language: English

This is the story of the Royal Navy battle-cruiser H.M.S. Renown, a famous ship with a long and distinguished operational career. Originally built for the First World War she subsequently served in the post-war fleet and took royalty around the world. Modernized just in time for World War Two, she re-joined the fleet in September, 1939 and for the first two years of the war her speed and heavy gun armament made her one of the most important ships of the fleet. She escorted the famous carrier Ark Royal for most of her illustrious career as flagship of Force 'H' in the Mediterranean and took part in many stirring battles and convoy actions.

Battle-Cruiser HMS Renown 1916-1948