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31-05-2015, 17:00

The History of Fighter Planes

The History of Fighter Planes
Author: Bill Gunston
The History of Fighter Planes
Scolastic Inc.
Format: PDF
Pages: 36
Language: English
Size: 18.9 MB

Attractively laid out on illustration-filled pages with texts that speak clearly to their subjects, these books review the technological achievements that have helped to shape history. Each book has between 70 and 110 photos, modern illustrations of historical events, and reproductions of famous illustrations from the past. Here is the history of war planes and their pilots, from the dogfights over the Western Front in World War I to sophisticated jet warplanes of the present day. Among the major incidents recounted is the Japanese air attack on Pearl harbor in 1941, which brought America into World War II and established aircraft carriers and air power as the mainstay of modern navies. This book brings fighter plane history into the jet age.

The History of Fighter Planes