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25-05-2015, 15:33

Tigers At War

Tigers At War
Author: Bob Carruthers
Tigers At War
Archive Media Publishing
Format: EPUB
Pages: 298
Size: 11 Mb
Language: English

This unique volume combines the book Tiger I In Combat with a facsimile of the original German wartime crew manual for the Tiger tank, the Tigerfibel. This overview draws on a wide variety of primary source accounts of the Tiger I in action from both the Allied and the German perspective. Rare photographs, technical drawings and contemporary reports of the Tiger in combat help to set aside the myths and bring the reality into focus. General Heinz Guderian authorised the publication of the Tigerfibel from 1943 onwards. This highly unorthodox publication was full of risqué drawings and humorous illustrations and was designed to convey complex battlefield instructions in a simple and memorable manner.

Tigers At War