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31-05-2015, 22:14

Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior

Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior
Author: Lindsay Powell
Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior: 1st Century AD
Osprey Publishing
Osprey Combat 6
ISBN: 1472803493
Format: PDF (e-book)
Pages: 82
Size: 5 Mb
Language: English

The reigns of Augustus and his successor Tiberius saw an epic struggle between the Romans and local peoples for the territory between the Rhine and Elbe rivers in what is now Germany. Following two decades of Roman occupation, Germania Magna erupted into revolt in AD 9 following the loss of the three legions commanded by Publius Quinctilius Varus to the Cheruscan nobleman Arminius and an alliance of Germanic nations in the dense forests of the Teutoburger Wald. The Romans’ initial panic subsided as it became clear that Arminius and his allies could not continue the war into Germania Inferior on the western bank of the Rhine, and Imperial troops poured into the region as the Romans decided how best to resolve the situation.

Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior